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The power of vertical swimming

WATER has a multitude of benefits. WATER has a multitude of benefits.

by Ioana Grant

WATER is an indispensable commodity that permeates every area of our lives, from cooking and grooming to agriculture and manufacturing.

When it comes to health, the first thing that comes to mind is the daily fluid intake we need to keep hydrated and function well.

But there is another role that water can play: the role of a rehabilitation centre or agym, depending on the individual’s needs.

Whether you are in the ocean or at a pool, you can take advantage of an effective exercise programme in the water, while having fun.

If you suffer from arthritic pain, stiffness from joint replacement surgery or a neuromuscular disorder, you can benefit greatly from a gentle aquatherapy session.

Those looking to lose weight, manage diabetes or decrease high blood pressure can enjoy a self-paced workout that will help them reach their
goals in a low-impact environment.

Water has a multitude of benefits, both for our daily lives and our health. When used properly, it can challenge the musculature, balance and coordination of the body without compromising any existing medical conditions.

The water medium is a great alternative to get you moving again.

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