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Better Life Gardening Project Topics

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The benefits of vegetables to health

  • Therapeutic and nutritional benefits of gardening
  • Lowering non communicable diseases

The value of plants

  • What is a vegetable/fruit?
  • What is organic gardening?
  • The relevance of climate change
  • Importance of climate smart gardening and sustainability

Safety aspects  

Demonstration of raised beds

  • Solutions to location challenges/limited space
  • Approaches to planting
    • Planting in open beds, square foot gardening, the permaculture approach or planting in containers
    • Aquaponics and organoponic systems (field trip)
    • Importance and aims of irrigation/water harvest
    • Bed preparation: tillage; incorporating organic matter (types, amounts, placement)
      • The importance of soil and why soil pH is important? (Compost in containers)
      • Organic matter
      • Preparing plant beds

      Grow boxes

      Growing in containers (types and uses)

Soil and Compost

What to grow?

  • Direct seeded vs seedlings
  • Companion crops
  • Crop rotation groups and varieties

Preparation and How to Plant?

  • Garden Plan – importance of having a good planting technique
  • Planting - How to sow seeds?/ How to produce seedlings?/ Care of seedlings
  • Hardening off and Transplanting

The Garden Plan

Sustainable Plant Care

  • Watering techniques
    • Irrigation and water harvesting (efficient water use)
    • Setting up irrigation


  • Types and how to apply

Managing Pests and Diseases

  • Control Strategies
  • Organic Pest Controls
    • Insect spray
    • Neem
    • Compost tea
    • Soap
  • Use of protective structures, greenhouses, row covers, etc.

Fertilizing – Reinvigorating soils

  • Organic fertilizers with compost
  • Making compost as a soil amendment
  • Making fertilizer
  • Roles that bacteria play

Managing Pests and Diseases

  • Control Strategies/ Organic Pest Controls