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BCT assists members with financial and medical difficulties and advances education via scholarships and awards for students working in the area of gerontology.

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Juliet Cumberbatch

The scholarship enable Juliet to meet her objective “to contribute to social work practice and research”. She graduated from UWI Cave Hill in 2019 with an MPhil in Social Work. Her concentration: Ageing/Elderly/Family/Informal Care-giving.




Wasim Worrell

Wasim is a nurse, a profession which the 45-year-old young man has been following for more than 25 years. He believes that it was the close, caring relationship that he had with his grandmother that led him to this vocation.

Wasim Worrell
Jamie Hinds


Jamie Hinds

“This has given me the possibility to commence my studies, as I had made the decision to pursue my Masters degree that year. I wasn’t prepared financially, so I decided to apply for a scholarship. It brought great relief when I realized that I was a recipient as it helped me to focus solely on my studies, not finances.”